John Lloyd Cruz wanto to give Sarah Geronimo somthing special

Sarah Geronimo received a Cartier watch to her favorite leading man, John Lloyd Cruz. It was revealed during the victory party of her third and reunion movie, "It Takes A Man and A Woman," with the "Box Office King," a week ago.

Meanwhile, in his interview with the members of the movie press last week, John Lloyd Cruz revealed that he is grateful to Sarah Geronimo for the success of their team up as well as their friendship. His revelation was also posted on the entertainment website of ABS-CBN just this morning, May 3, 2013 (Philippine time).

sarah geronimo latest news
The members of the movie press asked him about his possible TV project or a TV Sitcom with Sarah Geronimo, according to John Lloyd, he is no longer interested in doing a TV Sitcom because he just wants to protect his achievements, especially his three blockbuster movies, "A Very Special Love," "You Changed My Life" and "It Takes A Man and A Woman," with Sarah Geronimo, the number one leading lady in the entertainment industry today.
Being there with Sarah and knowing her intimately, professionally and as a friend is a privilege, said John Lloyd Cruz, he added that he just wants to give Sarah something special because the "Pop Star Princess" is very instrumental wherever he is right now.
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